Sarah Hall

Director of Operations

Sarah Hall is a Registered Veterinary Technician with extensive experience in small animal medicine. Her journey in the industry took a unique turn in 2018 when she transitioned to the industry side of veterinary care, making a significant impact in various roles.

In her role as a Certified Customer Success Manager at Smart Flow and IDEXX, Sarah was responsible for ensuring that multiple private practices and enterprise groups maximized the potential of their veterinary software. Her commitment to helping veterinary professionals streamline their operations and enhance patient care has been a cornerstone of her career.

Sarah’s passion for refocusing on veterinarians and improving the practice of veterinary medicine led her to the Galaxy Vets team. As a Business Development Associate, she worked closely with practice owners, fostering partnerships that aimed to prevent burnout and elevate the quality of care provided to animals.

Today, Sarah is the Director of Operations of the Urgent Care Group clinics, where she drives operational excellence and innovation in the veterinary industry, showcasing her dedication to delivering top-notch services at every level.

In her personal life, Sarah resides in Halifax with her tuxedo cat, Norman, and enjoys travelling to New Brunswick to spend time on the hospital floor.