Seizures in Pets

Understanding and Responding to Uncontrolled Episodes


Seizures in pets can cause sudden tremors, shaking, loss of consciousness, or unusual behaviors such as uncontrolled urination or drooling. Knowing how to respond is crucial if your pet experiences a seizure.


Seizures in pets can have various causes, such as epilepsy, exposure to toxins, or underlying brain conditions. Some concerns associated with seizures include:

  • Epilepsy: Some pets may have a genetic tendency towards epilepsy which can cause repeated seizures.
  • Toxins: Certain toxins or chemicals, if ingested by pets, can trigger seizures.
  • Underlying Brain Conditions: Brain tumors, infections, or other neurological issues can cause seizures.

Immediate Actions

  1. Ensure Safety: The safety of your pet and those around them is vital during a seizure. Remove any hazards and sharp objects from the immediate area, and make sure your pet cannot fall from heights.
  2. Do Not Put Hands Near the Mouth: During a seizure, pets may unintentionally bite or snap. To avoid injury, keep your hands away from their mouth.
  3. Time the Seizure: It is important to note the duration of a seizure. Emergencies are seizures lasting longer than five minutes or occurring in clusters.
  4. Stay Calm: Try to stay calm when witnessing your pet having a seizure as most seizures end naturally.
  5. Seek Emergency Veterinary Care: After a seizure, seek emergency veterinary care by contacting your vet or the nearest clinic immediately. Seizures may have underlying causes that require evaluation and treatment.
  6. Provide Support: Your veterinarian can help identify the root cause of seizures to create a treatment plan. Diagnostic tests, medications, or lifestyle changes may be recommended to manage the condition.

Ensuring timely veterinary care and support is essential for managing seizures in pets and improving their quality of life.

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