Surgical Interventions

Whether it’s due to an injury, fracture, or another urgent medical condition, we’re here to provide skilled care to promptly ensure your pet’s well-being.

Owning a pet can be a wonderful experience, but sometimes unexpected accidents or injuries can happen. During these critical moments, it’s essential to have a team that can respond quickly and effectively. That’s why our experienced surgeons are always ready to perform immediate surgeries, addressing a range of urgent procedures to help alleviate your pet’s pain and discomfort.

Wound Repair

Injuries, lacerations, or bite wounds require prompt attention to prevent infection and promote proper healing. Our surgical team specializes in wound repair to ensure that your pet’s injuries are treated effectively.

Fracture Stabilization

Fractures, whether simple or complex, require immediate care to avoid further complications and pain for your pet. Our team is equipped to perform fracture stabilization surgeries to facilitate the healing process.

Urgent Fracture Stabilization for Pets

Our Urgent Care Veterinary Clinic in Quispamsis, NBprovides immediate fracture stabilization for your beloved pet. Our experienced and compassionate veterinary team understands the urgency and pain associated with managing fractures in animals. We ensure that they are stabilized and comfortable until definitive repair can be performed.

Urgent Procedures

Our surgical interventions encompass a wide range of urgent procedures, including tumor removal, soft tissue surgeries, bladder stones, emergency cesarean sections, dog attacks, and intestinal foreign bodies. Our surgical team has the expertise and resources necessary to address various critical conditions.

Precision and Compassion

Surgical interventions require a delicate balance of precision and compassion. Our team combines surgical skills with a deep understanding of the emotional impact these situations can have on pet owners. We strive to provide compassionate support throughout the process, offering clear communication and reassurance during your pet’s surgical journey.

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