Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy is a crucial service that we offer at Greater Saint John Veterinary Walk-in & Urgent Care.

It provides your pet with the necessary support during critical moments. If your pet is experiencing respiratory distress, our highly trained team can recognize the signs and respond promptly. We prioritize your pet’s well-being and provide specialized care to stabilize their breathing.

Our oxygen therapy services are designed to address various respiratory conditions, such as respiratory infections, allergic reactions, pneumonia, heart conditions, and post-surgical recovery. Our advanced equipment and facilities provide customized oxygen therapy to meet your pet’s specific needs, helping them breathe more comfortably and effectively.

During oxygen therapy, we continuously monitor your pet’s vital signs and response to treatment. Our team ensures that the oxygen concentration is precisely adjusted to fulfill your pet’s requirements, promoting a safe and effective recovery.

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If your pet requires respiratory support or is experiencing respiratory distress, please get in touch with us immediately. We are here to help your furry friend.