Pain Management

Pets, like humans, can experience pain, and it is our responsibility to alleviate their suffering

We offer immediate relief measures to ensure your pet’s comfort. Our team of compassionate veterinarians and technicians is trained to recognize signs of pain and respond promptly with appropriate pain relief methods.

Effective pain management is an essential component of your pet’s recovery process. We tailor pain management protocols to your pet’s specific needs, whether they require short-term relief after a surgical procedure or long-term pain management for a chronic condition.

Our pain management options may include medications tailored to your pet’s condition and pain level, post-operative pain management, pain management for trauma patients, and pain management for internal organ pain.

We believe in a holistic and personalized approach to pain management, ensuring that your pet receives the most suitable and effective treatments. Pain management is about relief and enhancing your pet’s quality of life. We work closely with you to monitor your pet’s progress, make adjustments to their pain management plan as needed, and guide on caring for your pet at home.

At Greater Saint John Veterinary Walk-in & Urgent Care, we prioritize your pet’s health and well-being. We understand that pets may not always communicate their pain, so we’re here to advocate for them and provide the care they deserve.

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If you believe your pet is in discomfort or requires pain management, please don’t hesitate to contact us.